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OSCO Industries specializes in high-volume, small to medium green sand and shell molding. OSCO excels at producing cast gray iron parts with base material types G2500, G3000, and G3500. We mold products on Disamatic, Osborn, Hunter, and Shell production lines.


OSCO Industries has 3 gray iron foundries. Two greensand foundries and one shell molding foundry.

The OSCO Portsmouth and New Boston divisions are our two greensand foundries. At these 2 locations we have four 2013 (a) Disamatic molding lines, one Osborn In-liner molding line and two Hunter (10) molding lines. At our OSCO Jackson division, we have 20 Shalco Shell Molding lines

OSCO Portsmouth Division – Portsmouth, Ohio

  • 2 – Disamatic 2013 (A) molding machines. Flask size = 19 x 23
  • 1 – Osborn In-liner molding machine. Flask size = 16 x 22
  • 2 – Hunter (10) molding machines. Flask size = 14 x 19

OSCO New Boston Division – New Boston, Ohio

  • 2 Disamatic 2013 (A) molding machines. Flask size = 19 x 23

OSCO Jackson Division – Jackson, Ohio

  • 20 – Shalco Shell molding machines. Flask size 15 x 20


Our casting sizes range from 1.0 lb to 50 lbs focusing on medium to high volume production.

The major markets served are air conditioning and refrigeration, automotive, power transmission equipment, pumps and valves.

Our gray iron castings range in size from less than a pound up to 40 pounds.

We can supply gray iron grades G2500 to G3500.

Order quantity, we can supply high, medium or low volume order requirements. We currently have castings that we ship over 4 million pieces per year and some that we only supply a few thousand pieces per year.

The major markets we serve are: Air conditioning/refrigeration, automotive, sump pumps, Industrial power transmission equipment and small motors.

Valued Added

OSCO offers a variety of value-added services either in-house or by subcontracting services with one of our partners. We will work closely with you to ensure your casting is delivered to your needs and specifications.

Core making: We make cores in-house at our Portsmouth plant in addition to sourcing cores through our partners. At Portsmouth, we make chemically bonded cores (Iso-cure) and shell cores. We have 3 Disamatic Combi core machines, one Laempe (10) core machine and 1 Radford shell core machine.

Heat treating: We can anneal or stress relieve your castings with our heat treat furnace capability located in our Portsmouth facility.

Machining / Painting: OSCO can be your Tier 1 supplier by teaming up with one of our machining or painting partners.

Prototypes: Need production samples fast? OSCO can have you prototype samples in as little as 3 weeks! And the best part is that our prototype castings are made on our production mold lines so the transition from prototype to production is easy. Solidification modeling: OSCO uses QuickCast by EIS to perform our solidification modeling.

Casting design: Need someone to help create a 2D drawing or 3D model? We can help, our engineering department has the equipment and experience to design what you need.